1/6 Barrel-Keg

The smallest US keg in two different diameters 

These stainless steel kegs from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS for customers in the US and Canada are made precisely to the dimensions standardized in North America. Beer, wine, and soft drink kegs in this line come in various capacities and diameters, all with the same height to support mixed distribution on the same pallet. Work with our service sites in Tennessee and Washington for comprehensive service from our experienced staff in the US. 

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Technical specifications of the 1/6 bbl Keg



(L / gal)


(mm / in)

Height H1

(mm / in)

Height H2

(mm / in)

Height H3

(mm / in)


(kg / lb)

1/6 barrel (235) 19.87 / 5.25 235 / 9.252 590.5 / 23.248 534 / 21.024 503.5 / 19.823 5.7 / 12.57
1/6 barrel (229) 19.87 / 5.25 229 / 9.016 590.5 / 23.248 569.5 / 22.42 539 / 21.22 5.6 / 12.35


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Only functional kegs secure your long-term success. We know that even the best, high quality kegs can be damaged in their rough daily environment. That’s precisely the reason why we have our own service offerings. Gain global knowledge from local services with BLEFA. We are certified and use only original spear parts for your safety

Keg Service

30-year warranty

Ultimate keg quality, Made in Germany! We achieve this by using top-quality premium material in the manufacturing process, employing the best-trained staff, and subjecting our stainless steel kegs to continuous quality checks. The result is a 30-year warranty that substantiates our claim of providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

30-year warranty

Blefa is the right choice:

  • 100% quality control and four certifications 
  • Maximum process automation


  • 30-year warranty
  • Best total cost of ownership 


  • 100% circular
  • Optimal carbon footprint

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