By expanding our range to include Certified Pre-Owned kegs, we are placing a special focus on customer cash flow and value.  We understand that in certain circumstance cash-flow restrictions may force you to look for cheaper opportunities for your keg needs. BLEFA offers you the right price point and gives you peace of mind. 

All our certified pre-owned kegs / used kegs have been:

  • Internally and externally washed with BLEFA‚Äôs Ultra High-Pressure service line.
  • All spears have been broken down, ran through an ultra-sonic parts wash and reassembled with new CO2s and internal and external springs.  Spears are pressure-checked before mounting into keg.
  • Each keg is pressurized to 35 PSI before camera system tests for correct position of circlip and then the entire keg is leak tested.
  • All kegs have had their previous branding and stickers removed before polishing to a bright shine.
  • Kegs can be silkscreened.


All our certified pre-owned / used kegs from BLEFA come with a 5 year warranty

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