All stainless steel beer, wine, and soft drink kegs are manufactured at our headquarter in Kreuztal, Germany. In La Vergne, TN, USA we can make the two most important Barrel-kegs (1/6bbl and 1/2bbl) for the US-market.

Yes, all kegs come pickled and passivated after production. Our process has included very specific testing to prove that all our kegs are "fit for fill" from the first use onward. As a result, any kind of pre-wash for any customer is not necessary but some decide to run them through their CIP system anyway. We simply state that customers should put these through their normal process for filling, just as they do for any return kegs. There are no additional steps needed from a CIP perspective for the first use of our kegs.

  • 1/2 bbl​​
  • 1/4 bbl​​
  • 1/6 bbl​​
  • 50L ​​
  • 30L​​
  • 20L​​
  • 10L​​
  • Party Barrels (10L-30L)​​

Yes, every keg comes with a custom laser-etched 2D matrix code as well as serial numbers for efficient keg tracking and compatibility with all major keg tracking software.

All of our spears come from Micro Matic and DSI, the world's leaders in spears and dispensing

Beer, Wine, Coffee, Kombucha, Cider, Hard Seltzer, Soft Drinks, Mixed Drinks. Pretty much every liquid.

  • 100% taste neutrality and UV protection​​
  • High Quality 304 Stainless Steel​​
  • Precision Tig Welding: Stronger bond and less susceptible to cracking and leaves the finish splatter free​​.
  • Highest-quality brand representation through silk screen branding​​
  • Integrated burst disc for safety​​
  • Double welded necks for strength​​
  • Continuous welding seam at the top and bottom chime with shoulder protection​​
  • Saves CO2. 100% recyclable​​
  • Ergonomic, deburred chime handles​​
  • Multiple U.S. locations offer full branding capabilities with reduced lead time and freight​​
  • Offers full-scale keg service capabilities ​​
  • Investment in automation and quality control systems that ensure the highest level of precision and process reliability​​
  • Comprehensive support from first contact through delivery and continuing after-sales support and service​​
  • A secure investment in a product with a 30-year warranty​​
  • Highly qualified technical and sales staff backed by the experience and commitment of the proven market leader ​​
  • Fast and flexible inventory from PA, TN, and WA​​
  • Complete range of all stainless steel kegs ​​
  • “Made in USA and Germany” ​