Only functional kegs secure your long-term success. We know that even the best, high quality kegs can be damaged in their rough daily environment. That’s exactly the reason why we have our own service offerings.  Gain global knowledge from local services with BLEFA - we are certified and use only original spear parts for your safety.


In addition to your in-house cleaning capabilities, your kegs from BLEFA should be serviced at least once every 7 years of service to maintain quality performance, dispense and warranty requirements. This ensures reliability in filling and more importantly, in market.

  • Remove Beer – Decanting
  • Chimb Straightening as needed (top/bottom)
  • Internal Ultra High Pressure Wash
  • Valve Removal / Cleaning
  • External Cleaning – Top Dome and neck only
  • Visual Quality Check inside and outside
  • Valve insertion (new O-ring and lock ring)
  • Keg Pressurization
  • Final Leak Testing/Pressure check and replacement of wear and tear parts
  • Beer Stone Removal
  • As needed services based on prior customer approval (see option 4 below)


Whether you need to remove the existing or updating your own artwork, BLEFA can help remove existing branding and apply your logos. 

We can address your kegs as we understand your specific requirements for your kegs. Your satisfaction is our number one goal!  

  • Top Chimb Knurling 
  • Silk Screen Removal 
  • Polishing 
  • Belly Band / Sticker Removal 
  • In-House Graphic Design Services 
  • Sticker Application   
  • Laser Etching of Market Relevant Safety Warnings 


Proactive spear service can easily prevent problems in your cleaning, filling and dispensing processes and reducing losses in market.

  • Valve Replacement
  • Lock Ring Replacement
  • Spring Replacement (Internal & External)
  • Beer Stone Removal
  • Pressure Testing
  • Complete Spear Refurbishment


To extend the lifetime of your keg assets you might require extended capabilities of your BLEFA services:

  • Top & Bottom Chimb Replacement (cutting, welding, pickling, passivation)
  • Weld Repair
  • Dent Removal
  • External Cleaning
  • Sump Reformation
  • Beer Stone Removal
  • Dent Removal


If you need a sticker application or GPS-enabled tracker within 3 meters of your asset, BLEFA can assist with application of your preferred capability. 

Keeping track of your assets not only helps with loss but also addresses inventory management and preventative maintenance schedules. 

  • RFID / GPS / Barcode / Temperature Unit Installation and Origination 
  • Top Dome Welding 
  • Top Chimb Installation 
  • 2D 20x20mm Barcode Laser Etching 
  • Validation Study Equipment – FBE Apps 
  • Scanning / Recording of Serial Numbers