Keg Finance

Building and maintaining a capital-intensive beverage production facility is a massive undertaking and adding cooperage to your growing needs can put a major strain on cash flow. What choice do you have - getting locked into a lengthy rental contract or buying lower quality kegs to make your cash go further? With Blefa, you don’t have to compromise quality with your situation. We offer a competitive and flexible pathway to ownership program that gives you high-quality, stainless-steel kegs for a manageable monthly payment. Even better than having a quality product you can rely on is the ability to pay off your balance AT ANYTIME, PENALTY FREE when you're flush with cash from being able to meet the demand for your finely crafted beverages. Make the kegs yours by taking advantage of our custom logo silk-screening and permanent embossing options and increase the chances of keeping your assets from walking off. Approval usually takes 24 hours or less, custom marked keg lead times apply.


  • Flexible monthly terms
  • Customize your kegs as you like
  • Kegs are yours at the end of the term (or whenever balance is paid in full)

BLEFA Buyback Guarantee

With the uncertainty of the US Craft Market, BLEFA assists with these decisions by offering the ability to return any functioning stainless steel kegs bought in the first seven years of the first ownership for any reason. 

The Buyback Guarantee from BLEFA is valid on any new keg sold after July 1, 2023 from any U.S. location, if you have the line-item “buy-back guaranty” on your invoice.

Get more information about the BLEFA buyback guarantee

Customize your Kegs as you like

Financed kegs can be custom and/or logo silk screened.

Payoff Balance anytime

Customers don't have to justify cash flow over quality for their needs.

Flexible monthly terms

All payments an term to credit approval by American Keg Company