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Keg Repair and Keg Maintenance

Secure your business success!

It’s nothing new: kegs are always on the move. That’s why it’s so important for stainless steel kegs to be able to withstand the stresses and strains of daily use. It's inevitable, over time, damage will occur. To secure your business success, BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS is your no. 1 partner! We’ll help you to keep your kegs fully functional (preventive maintenance) and make them fit for the filling and cleaning lines.

World-class keg service

Keg repair and care

A consistent keg service program can easily prevent faults in your stainless steel kegs’ cleaning and filling processes. With our keg service range, you can eliminate deformation and potential leaks in your stainless steel beer, wine and soft drinks kegs. This not only ensures less problems with your keg float, but also your brand presentation: smart looking stainless steel kegs with water-tight fittings are always a sign of your company’s quality aspirations. In addition, flawless kegs reduce customer complaints and consequently increase their satisfaction.

The full package from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS’ keg service

Our comprehensive all-round service package for stainless steel kegs is valued by our customers. No matter if your beer, wine or soft drinks kegs need external cleaning, you want a customized inscription on your kegs or fit transponders to ensure the professional monitoring of your entire keg stock – our all-encompassing service offerings will prolong the lifetime of your stainless steel kegs. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!



  • Dent repairs in top and bottom chimes
  • Neck straightening
  • Fitting service
  • Keg exterior cleaning
  • Keg interior cleaning
  • New inscriptions
  • New color band
  • Transponder and/or barcode

Mobile Keg Service

Keg service work right where you are

For maintenance needs on your kegs, if transporting them to us or the another GNKS partner isn’t worthwhile, our GNKS network’s mobile keg service can provide you with a reliable and flexible maintenance service – right on site in your brewery! Our long-standing experience in the keg sector enables us to provide the most up-to-date and reliable process technology of the highest standard.



  • Straightening of top and bottom chimes
  • Neck straightening
  • Fitting service or exchange
  • External cleaning
  • Internal cleaning
  • New labeling
  • New color band
  • Transponder or barcode

Fitting Service

Avoiding customer complaints

Our fitting services use nothing but original spare parts to make sure interruptions in your stainless steel kegs’ cleaning and filling cycles can be avoided as much as possible. This way you can increase the kegs’ reliability and prevent beer loss during the filling or the logistics stages or in the pubs and restaurants themselves. Customer complaints or disruptions in your cleaning and filling lines can be minimized, while at the same time, satisfaction and trust in your products will increase.

Improving the service life of your stainless steel kegs

The leading fitting manufacturers recommend a fitting service every seven years. This will mainly involve renewing the rubber seals or replacing defective fittings. Have peace of mind with our certified and reliable process technology and exclusive use of original parts.



  • Replacement of leaking spears
  • Repair of defective spears
  • Fitting-Service with original spare parts

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