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Keg Modification

Volume reduction, rebranding and neck conversion

Has your keg fleet grown significantly over the years? Do you perhaps own a few kegs that no longer meet the latest market requirements or your current branding needs? Then you should modify your keg fleet as soon as possible! The keg modification area of BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS’ Keg Service enables you to reactivate unused kegs easily and quickly. Why not get an overview of the services we offer in our volume reduction, name changing and neck conversion areas.

Reactivate unused assets

Volume reduction

Reactivate your unused capital by reducing your 50 litre kegs to 30 litres, if you have stocks of 50 litre kegs that are doing nothing. Thanks to the innovative technology of BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS, you can carry out volume reductions on your stainless steel Euro and DIN kegs, as well as your RSR kegs.

Original size Achievable size
EURO 50 l EURO 30 l, EURO 25 l
DIN 50 l DIN 30, DIN 20 l, DIN 15 l
RSR 20 l RSR 10 l
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Keg modification by BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS

  • Keg volume reduction for DIN, Euro and RSR kegs
  • Repair of top and bottom chimes
  • Keg walls can be smoothed to the greatest possible extent
  • Placement of roll rims in accordance with specifications
  • You receive polished kegs with an almost brand new appearance


Rebranding your kegs

Your uniform brand identity

To achieve your brand identity, you can have an embossed inscription in accordance with your brand specifications, when you renew the top chime. Alternatively, we can knurl out the existing top chime inscription and apply your desired lettering to the stainless steel keg body, using a range of different techniques. This will guarantee your brand awareness and also proof of ownership. What are you waiting for!

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  • Removal of old inscriptions
  • New color band
  • New deposit banderole
  • Replacement of top and bottom chimes
  • New inscription