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Keg Services

Keeping your keg in shape!

Only functional kegs secure your long-term success. We know that even the best, high quality kegs can be damaged in their rough daily environment. That’s precisely the reason why we have our own service offerings and work together with strong partners all over the world to guarantee you will get the best service for your keg. Through our Global Network Keg Services, we can offer you local contacts that not only have access to the expertise of the market leader, but also to strong partners.

Keg repair and maintenance

You too can benefit from the experience of our network of experts. The choice is yours: either we do the job with our mobile keg service wherever you are, or you bring your stainless steel kegs to one of our facilities closest to you.

  • Keg service
  • Mobile keg service
  • Fitting service

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Keg modification

The business is growing, the business is going well, and before you know it, your keg fleet has grown enormously. It’s a situation we know from countless customers. For your keg fleet to keep pace with current demand, adaptations are needed. We are your reliable partner and will help you in the restructuring and modifications of your kegs!

  • Keg volume reduction
  • Neck conversions

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Keg management

You want a complete overview of your entire keg fleet? Optimize the turnaround times of your stainless steel kegs on the market and monitor the annual turn rates of your assets. With our keg management solutions, you can keep track of your entire keg fleet at all times.

  • 2D matrix barcode
  • UHF/LF-RFID and Bulk Scanning
  • GPS

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Keg Decanting

As the on-premise hospitality industry starts to rebound and state restrictions are lifted, breweries and their wholesale partners will need to address the responsible disposal of out-of-code product in the market in a compliant, environmentally friendly way.

Keg service/Keg decanting

30-year WarrantY on your keg

For over 100 years, BLEFA’s success has been based on value retention and high quality. This applies especially to the production of our stainless steel kegs “Made in Germany”. With this, we promise that your BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS keg will keep on working and earning you money for decades. We confirm this promise by giving you our 30-year guarantee to safeguard your investment and ensure the reliable quality of your stainless steel keg.

Our guarantee pledge

Initiator and member of

Global Network Keg Services

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