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Kegs with Character

Keg branding and customization

Customize your kegs individually to your wishes and requirements and make your keg unique! Whether you want embossing on the top chime or printing on the keg body – for us, individual requirements for your stainless steel keg go without saying. Your satisfaction is our top priority!


For our 100% steel kegs, we can emboss your brand name into the top chime and, if required, we can also emboss your company name into the bottom chime (depending on the keg type). For the embossing process, we normally use standard letters, though, on request, we can also use your company lettering and logo for an additional charge.

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Silk printing

For the identical reproduction of your brand name, we have recently started to offer two-color silk printing. On the stainless steel body of kegs for beer, wine and soft drinks, we can now not only reproduce your lettering but also your company logo or any other image you choose. This way, you can achieve a uniform brand image, while presenting a high-quality, professional appearance.

Identification with colored rings

To give your keg fleet a uniform identification, we recommend a colored ring with your corporate colors. We can apply this color coding specially to the keg body according to your wishes and requirements.

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Electrochemical etching

With our electrochemical etching service, we can apply your company logo to the keg body cleanly in one single color. We’ll be glad to advise you on finding the right branding for your keg! Just contact us!

Laser printing

Laser inscription is primarily suited to customer specific keg numbering and the associated machine-readable QR codes that allow you to manage and control your kegs better. Synchronization with transponder data is also possible.

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As an alternative to embossing, we also offer engraving. This process for applying lettering to your stainless steel keg is one that we recommend, if more information is to be printed in the top chime than would be realistically possible with embossing. In addition, engraving can also be used for customer-specific keg numbering. We will be glad to advise you on finding an optimal and convenient solution for your requirements!


Would you like to have brand-specific stickers or labels on your stainless steel keg? No problem! Just contact us and we can have them attached to the keg body. If you provide the stickers, we can apply them to your kegs during the manufacturing process.

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Polyglass logo

Why not put your name on your party kegs for private or public events? Sounds good and it’s no problem for us! We can set your name as a Polyglass logo in the keg body’s PU coating. From a minimum order quantity of 100 units, you can have your own personalised kegs. Just ask us.