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Corporate Policy


Blefa GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel containers for the beverage industry. To ensure these containers meet our customers’ very specific needs and expectations, we pay great attention to ecological, resource-saving and energy-efficient production, in strict compliance with all valid regulations and guidelines on health and safety at work as well as applicable laws, regulations and directives on hygiene. It is our firm conviction that quality, work safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency, as well as food safety are the very pillars of our operations that enable us to guarantee the lasting existence and further development of our enterprise.

The framework for this approach is provided by our integrated management system for quality, work safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency to create a food safe product based on integrated management manual. This manual guarantees the continuous monitoring and improvement of all processes along the entire value creation chain.

In addition, the following principles are binding for all divisions of Blefa:

  • We want to ensure our customers’ satisfaction by offering competent consulting, products in perfect condition, punctual delivery and the uncompromising implementation of customer specific requirements and product specifications.
  • Based on the FRANKE corporate principles, we guarantee our products are safe and easy to use. The documentation of order data is the basis for providing our customers with extensive assistance and services regarding the use of our products and adherence to their intended purpose.
  • According to our “Zero Error Strategy”, we continuously improve our processes and products on all levels of quality, safety, environmental, energy and food safety management. In consideration of current technologies, we minimize environmental influences and risk potentials to the health and safety of our employees. Energy consumption levels and the production process are systematically recorded, analysed, documented and evaluated to identify improvement potential.
  • Through information and training programmes, our employees are made aware of the quality, safety, environmental, hygiene and energy relevant aspects of their work and enabling them to make their own contribution to working in a safe and resource-saving manner.
  • Health and safety at work is an extremely high priority at Blefa. The observance of current work safety and hygienic regulations is a matter of course. Contributing to the improvement of health and safety and working towards the objectives we have set in this field are carried out with due consideration for the consultation and participation of employees and considered binding obligations for all our employees.
  • Together with our contractual partners, we intend to work towards improving our energy and environment related performance within an economically feasible framework in order to continuously optimise our processes and to get as close as possible to our goal of CO2 neutrality.
  • We commit ourselves to maintain all relevant and applicable legal obligations, directives and regulations in the field of quality, safety, environment, energy and product hygiene. The integrated management system provides the frame work for doing so and is subject to regular reviews.
  • We pay special attention to dealing openly with public authorities and all interested parties to create an atmosphere of transparency and trust regarding matters of quality, safety, environment, energy and hygiene.

The management of Blefa hereby undertakes to make available the necessary funding, resources and expertise required for the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.